Colt Inks Deal with Antton Harri

September 9, 2017 - Gay Blog

COLT Studio Group has announced the signing of their newest COLT Man – Antton Harri. Antton has signed a mutual partnership agreement to join the world’s pinnacle of men – The COLT Stable.

The studio reports even though Antton has completed two Buckshot movies this year, they felt he had the qualities to crossover as a COLT Man. Antton embodies everything that a COLT Man represents; an abundance of muscle, strong, rugged masculinity, and a brooding sexuality that only COLT Men know how to give to the camera and ultimately the fans.

John Rutherford

John Rutherford, president, COLT Studio Group said, “I first met Antton in Berlin at the annual Venus Show a few years back. I spotted him from across the room and quickly pulled out my card to make my introduction. At first his masculine and cute good looks caught my eye, but after speaking to him I knew that he encompassed the attitude of confidence and strength to be a COLT Man.” “I couldn’t be happier and more proud to have him as a very important part of our COLT family,” Rutherford continued.

Antton Harri

Antton Harri got his start at COLT Studio Group in April when he signed on to award-winning director Kristofer Weston’s 2-part feature Manley Heat; Scorched and Quenched. Antton appeared in Part 1, Scorched and tore up the screen with superstar Josh Weston. Director Weston was so impressed that he offered him the lead in his next Buckshot feature Muscle Ranch 2 (Scheduled for release early 2007).

Visit COLT Man Antton Harri’s personal website at Also, Antton can now be booked for appearances along with the rest of our COLT Men at

Antton Harri

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