Randy Blue introduces us to Joelle

September 10, 2017 - Gay Blog

Randy says Joelle is Latin, but I think he looks more Blatino. Either way, he’s a gorgeous stud. I’d love it if he did my laundry!

Here is what Randy has to say about Joelle…

This guy knocks my socks off. It could be his sultry, sexy Latin looks. Or it could possibly be his amazing tight and muscular body. Or it could be that massive uncut cock of his. Like all of my guys I am guessing it’s the combination of it all.

Joelle certainly had no problem showing that impressive body off when I first met with him, in fact I think he was itching to get out of his clothes and show us what he had right off the bat. This was the first time that Joelle has ever done any kind of adult work but I could tell he was itching to do it. And with looks like that how could I tell him no?

Joelle is a dancer and loves to work out every day and you can tell that body is just tight. I would love to see just what he could do with it. Anyway like I was saying…Joelle is a dancer who has toured much of the country and when he landed in LA he was ready for something different.

Joelle knows the boys love his body and he was ready to finally show it off. This video is really good and a little different in how we set it up, but the best part is you get two cum shots. That’s right, two cum shots from this hot guy.

Joelle works that big uncut cock of his. Yes it’s big, its uncut and it blows twice. What a great way to start the New Year! Even if you weren’t lucky enough to get Joelle under your tree this Christmas it is still ok, you can enjoy him on here.


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