Randy Blue Introduces Us To Vinnie

October 15, 2017 - Randyblue

It’s great to see the famous Randy Blue stair case back in good use again. Damn this boy has a fine looking ass on him!

Here is what Randy has to say about Vinnie …

When you first lay eyes on Vinnie you might take his small frame and boyish features as a sign that he’s the shy and quiet type, but once you get to know him you can throw that right out the window. He comes from a military background, so he’s got a tough yet respectful demeanor.

Randy Blue Vinnie

He’s got a little different look about him than a lot of other Randy Blue models but there was something about him that intrigued me. I had him pull of his shirt and really liked his smooth, trim yet muscular torso. Just the hint of a treasure trail leading down into his jeans had me anticipating what I was going to see next. Before I even had a chance to ask he dropped those too and was pleasantly surprised at the enormous erect dick that was staring up at me.

Vinnie has a lean and mean body that you can’t help pop a boner over. You can tell he’s got a naturally lean build, helped along by the rigors of military training. And while he has a toughness about him he’s very friendly and outgoing. One look at those tattoos and I could tell that there was more here than meets the eye.

He was very comfortable in front of the camera and I just loved watching him work that huge piece of meat. His tattooed arm flexing as his hand stroked up and down, firmly gripping, working and teasing his aching member. His extremely handsome face showing the intensity of the sensations his body was feeling as he worked his cock, getting closer to orgasm. He has a way of drawing you into the heat of his own sexual fever as he gets closer and closer, until finally letting loose a huge stream of cum all over his chest.

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