RuPaul joins Lucas Entertainment

November 12, 2017 - Gay Blog

RuPaul was seen on the set of Lucas Entertainment’s new film Encounters. Ru was there to direct an unscripted scene with actors Bruce Beckham and Wilson Vasquez. The scene involves a psychiatrist, played by Beckham, falling in love with his patient (Vasquez). Michael Lucas reports Ru’s direction was inspirational, and the dialogue was touching. Under RuPauls direction, shooting went smoothly, and they got the entire scene in one take.

rupaul lucas

The Erotic Stories Archive broke the 14,000 story barrier during mid-November. It’s an achievement that surprises even the editors of the all-free anthology of sex tales. The current pace of submissions amounts to over 30 stories arriving every week. The collection is largely recognized to be the world’s largest library of online erotica. The original stories are all contributed by their authors from all over the globe and hosted for free by

“When we established the Erotic Stories Archive nearly a decade ago, we knew people would like the concept. We had no clue that it would grow so big so quickly!” says Craig Kasparek, of the Enterprise Performance Dept. What’s truly amazing is that the number continues to grow every day.

Begun in 1996, the Erotic Stories Archive today contains 130 various themes, including 27 non-English languages. For some, such as Indonesian and Malaysian, the archive is the largest known online compendium of erotica in that language.

As the Internet matures to include ever more images and multi-media content, the power of a well-written story continues to compel. Better still, the Net allows writers to present their work before a global audience – at virtually no cost.

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